Leaving a Legacy for Education

group of students walking on a campus pathway

In 1850, Frederick Gunn and his wife Abigail began teaching a handful of students in their home. More than 165 years later, The Frederick Gunn School stands as a symbol to its founders’ values—intellectual strength, moral courage, physical rigor and character.

Thanks to the vision of Frederick and Abigail Gunn, as well as the strong commitment of alumni and friends over the years, the school endures as a noble institution of learning where integrity, respect and responsibility are the foundation of an excellent education.

If you would like to ensure that The Frederick Gunn School can continue its tradition of providing exceptional, character-building educational opportunities, please read the following pages. Many friends have found creative ways to give back to the school. For example:

  • You will discover ways to give you may not have thought possible while you enjoy increased income, tax savings and other benefits. 
  • You may make your gifts today or through plans that first allow you to provide for your own financial security and that of your loved ones.
  • You can also add meaning to your gift by designating it to honor someone special to you.
  • You will enjoy your giving more, knowing that you are supporting The Frederick Gunn School in ways that allow you to maximize your giving potential.

We trust the information provided here will help with your philanthropic planning. Thanks to your generosity, Mr. Gunn’s tradition of a values-driven education is thriving…and will continue as the hallmark of The Frederick Gunn School for generations to come.